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 We Meet The National Registry Requirement         

 What to Expect:      

Detroit Lakes Chiropractic

Detroit Lakes Chiropractic submits all physicals to the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners.  Every DOT physical as of 05/21/2014 needs to be reported to the national registry.  Thankfully we have you covered!  Get a same day appointment Monday through Friday.

Currently Offering:

  • DOT Physical:    $95
  • On-Site Physicals:  10+ We'll come to you!
  • Appointments generally run about 30 minutes.

  1. Vision Screening
  2. Hearing Tests
  3. Blood Pressure
  4. Urine Sample    
  • specific gravity, protein, blood, & sugar

       5. Physical Examination:

  • General appearance, eyes, ears, mouth and throat, heart, genito-urinary, lungs/chest, abdomen, vascular, extremities, spine, and neurological.